Bohemian inspiration: mixing cultures

The bohemian style is also the mixture and mix of cultures from around the world. Synonymous with travel and encounters, bohemian style takes place in our interiors. From this desire for a deep return to the essentials, to nature or to escape, the house then becomes a land of welcome with an almost wild decoration.

The freedom offered by this style where things don't need to be perfectly coordinated is a real outlet for those who like to mix influences. Inspired by the nomadic world, the bohemian style offers a warm interior full of mysteries where the worlds intermingle. Natural materials, ethnic patterns or design and geometric furniture ... Bohemian advocates a decorative universe that wants to be free, imperfect and that everyone can appropriate by interpreting it in its own way.

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Simple and effective, follow these principles to create a bohemian interior full of history:

Wicker baskets everywhere!

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The woven basket? It's the essential accessory for trendy bohemian decor. In wicker, rattan, small, large, on the floor or on the wall, let yourself be invaded by these baskets full of surprises! It will find its place according to the room in which it is located.

Layering ethnic patterned textiles

Worked in natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen or even soft plaid, textiles have a very important place in the bohemian style. It invites itself in all forms, in all colors but also with patterns (especially ethnic)! Layer patterns and warm colors for a cozy, bohemian effect.

Opt for natural materials

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Bohemianism illustrates naturalness, freedom, sunshine and travel... Opt for natural materials in your home to keep that guideline. We will look at solid wood, rattan, wicker, travertine but also plant and mineral materials that add softness to your room. Natural materials come in all shapes and forms: furniture, accessories, hanging baskets, mirrors...

Say hello to plants

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We tell you again, bohemian rhymes with nature. Vegetate your home to give it vitality and freshness. Plants can be found on the ground, on pedestals as well as hanging in pretty pots!

More curtains and less drapes

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As you can see, the bohemian inspiration is light, fresh and fluid, which is why we opt more for pretty sheer linen sheers, instead of thick, blackout curtains. We let the light pass through and we let ourselves be carried by satin and colorful veils that illuminate the room.

Fall in love with the Berber carpet!

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It's the flagship and essential element of bohemian decorating: the Berber rug! Both full of history, colorful and patterned, the berber rug is the go-to piece for bohemian style. In all sizes and shapes, it will find its place in your home. As well placed in the entrance, as in the living room or in a bedroom, it brings warmth and dynamism to your room in a glance.

Rattan Rocking Chair Back

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We told you... the rocking chair is making a comeback but beware, for a bohemian vibe they are not all welcome! We favor the rattan rocking chair with patterned cushions to give it some pizzazz.

Sarah Ferreira

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