5 chalets with designer interiors

The marriage of vintage design and Alpine charm creates an enchanting fusion in the world of chalets. These mountain refuges are transformed into veritable gems where retro aesthetics meet modern comfort. Let's dive into the world of five chalets with designer interiors that transport us to a time when vintage style reigns supreme.


Bohemian Chic Chalet


Located in the French Alps, this chalet combines the warmth of raw wood with bohemian, retro touches. Rattan furniture, Persian rugs and brass fixtures create an intimate, elegant ambience. Warm colors, such as mustard and burgundy, blend perfectly with distressed leather elements. This bohemian-chic chalet captivates with its harmonious blend of textures and patterns.


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Rustic Eclecticism


In the Italian Dolomites, a chalet reveals its interior rich in rustic eclecticism. Restored antique furniture cohabits with contemporary works of art, creating a unique atmosphere. Neutral tones and wrought-iron accents lend this space a timeless elegance. Exposed beams and stone cladding add an authentic touch to this chalet, where past and present intertwine harmoniously.


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