Philippe Starck

As a prolific designer, he designed lots of pieces of furniture such as the “Dr Sonderbar” seat (1983), the “President M” table (1981), the “Costes” chair (1984), the “Bubu” stool (1991), the “Miss Sissi” lamp (1988)... His work is mainly dedicated to the convenience goods rather than to the design of unic pieces. Biography Philippe Starck was born in France in 1949. He studied at the famous Camondo School in Paris then he founded his 1st company specialized in design in 1968. One year after, the young designer worked with Pierre Cardin then he decided to work alone and dedicated his work to industrial design. He met with great success during the 1980s. He decorated the private apartments of the French President François Mitterand. Then, Starck collaborated with “Les 3 Suisses” and “La Redoute” to develop the concept of “democratic design”. A revolutionary idea because, at this time, design was exclusively destined to the Elite. As a visionnary designer, he is also at the originale of the “democratic ecology” concept and designed wind turbines, solar boats and hydrogen powered vehicles.

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