Louis Durot

Considered as a prolific designer, Durot designed during the 70s more than sixty sculptures representing mushrooms and carnivorous plants from an alien world. The Sexy Feet armchair from the 90s is also an original piece of furniture which reflects perfectly his style. Biography Born in 1939 in Paris, he became after his studies a chemical engineer. In 1964, he met Cesar, a French artist and became his personal assistant. He helped him to make better use and to better understand polyurethane. In the early 1970s, he designed sculptures about the alien world. Then, he worked with two architects for an original project: an inflatable structure for the French Pavilion in Osaka. They received reward but the project never saw the light of day. In 1979, he presented his own creations during a first exhibition in Paris during the Batimat Show. He has signed contracts with great companies such as American Colloïd and Zolpan. It permitted to focus is work on the technological development.

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