1921 - 2012


He worked for great manufacturers such as Cassina. Mangiarotti was a prolific designer who created iconic pieces such as the “Lesbo” lamp (1967), the “Saffo” lamp (1967), the “Eros” table (1971), the “Spirale” hanging lamp (1974) and the “Skipper” table (1980). Biography Angelo Mangiarotti was born in Milan in 1921. He studied at the Architectural school and at the Polytechnical school of Milan. In 1953, he went to the United States, more precisely in Chicago where he taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He met Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Llyod Wright, Walter Gropius and Konrad Wachsmann. When he came back from the United Sates, he founded an architectural firm with Bruno Morassutti. In 1989, he founded the Mangiarotti & Associates company in Tokyo. From 1986 to 1992, he held the post of artistic director for Colle Cristalleria. Plastic research was really important to Mangiarotti. Thanks to his personality, his work and his creations, Mangiarotti is an iconic Italian designer.

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