Norman Foster

He and Richard Rogers are the initiators of the “High-tech” unique style. He participated in many legendary projects including the Virgin Galactic for Richard Branson, with the famous French designer Philipe Starck. He is also the designer of very beautiful furniture lines. The Nomos table designed in 1983 is still a mythical piece of furniture. Biography Norman Foster was born in England in 1935. He studied architecture at the University of Manchester then at Yale, he graduated in 1961 and in 1969 respectively. Then, he founded his own architectural firm (Team 4) with Richard Rogers and their two wives. In 1967 they stopped their collaboration, Foster created the Foster and Partners firm. Nowadays, it has over 500 co-workers around the world: Londres, Berlin and Hong Kong. The projects that emerged from the company are numerous: development projects, interior design and furniture lines. Foster received 60 rewards during his career such as the Gold medal by the French Academy of architecture and the Pritzker prize. He is a Knight of the National Order of Merit in United-Kingdom.

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