1903 - 1978


The furniture created by Halabala is renowned for its sturdiness, high quality and practicality. These pieces can be adapted to any interior, combining aesthetics and functionality. Armchairs, shelves... His various creations continue to seduce 20th-century design enthusiasts. Biography Jindrich Halabala was born in 1903 in the Czech Republic. His first apprenticeship was in his father's workshop. After gaining experience and knowledge of woodworking, he entered the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. After graduating in 1926, he joined the Bohumil Hübschmann studio in Prague, then worked for the UP company as Artistic Director. The company quickly adapted to changing consumer trends and began mass production, which propelled him to a position of responsibility. It produces a range of furniture largely based on Halabala's design. The high quality of the furniture produced was comparable to the excellent European productions of the time.

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