1922 - 2009

Martin Visser

At first sight, his pieces of furniture have an industrial style but are craft made. As a meticulous designer, he created very quality furniture. The S763 easy chair (1960) is representative of his taste for sober and uncluttered lines. Biography Martin Visser was born in 1922 in the Netherlands. He studied Civil Engineering at Technical School. Then he worked as an architect and drew his first piece of furniture for a friend. He was really gifted; he joined the furniture department of a famous Dutch store (De Bijenkorf). In 1954, Visser started collaboration with the Spectrum manufacturer and developed an interest for functional design. During the 1970s and the 1980s, he worked as a Head Curator of modern art at the Boysmans-va Beuning museum in Rotterdam. He developed a new style, more baroque. His wife, Joke van der Heijden, gave him more inspirations: she chose the colors of the pieces.

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