1933 - 1963

Yasuhiko ITOH

Born in 1933 in Tokyo, Yasuhiko graduated in the Engineering and Architecture faculty of the prestigious Waseda University in 1958, at Waseda University. He was given an apprenticeship in the studio of Kanetsugo Ito, an important architect who was the first to introduce Antonì Gaudi to Japan. He won a prize for his bookcase, coming third in the single piece of furniture section. Neither the bookcase nor the chaise longue were ever produced on an industrial scale. Not until 2016, would the bookcase be produced industrially, in a limited series of 100 numbered specimens, in the context of the Molteni Heritage Collection with reference number MHC.2. Itoh returned to Italy in April 1960 and stayed until May 1961 when he worked in Giò Ponti’s studio. From Cantù Itoh returned to Japan and completed his master’s in construction engineering. He began working with Toshiro Yamashita, known in his country for having designed and built the first skyscraper on Japanese soil, in Tokyo, namely the Kasumigaseki Building (1960 design 1964 end of construction). Itoh was in the team of project engineers and played an active role, temporarily leaving design to one side. Sadly, Itoh was never to see the Kasumigaseki completed. He died unexpectedly at the age of just 30, one of modern Japan’s most promising architect designers.

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