Michel Cadestin

He is considered as a prolific designer who has experimented shapes and materials during his entire career. He designed a variety of creations as evidenced by the furniture created for the French George Pompidou museum in 1976, the Karate armchair (the 60s) and the work table designed in 1978. Biography Michel Cadestin was born in France in 1942. He studied at the famous Ecole Boulle in Paris and then at the School of Decorative Arts. Then, he joined the Society of Decorators Artists. In 1970, he met Christian Ragot with whom he began research about materials such as latex foam and plastic and with whom he developed housing concepts. He also worked for an interior design firm named Teda until 1983. Subsequently, he decided to found his own agency in order to continue furniture design and housing layout. During his career, he designed a variety of pieces of furniture with Daniel Bernard. In 1988, he won the René Gabriel prize for his work. Nowadays, he focuses on interior architecture work.

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