1902 - 1981


In 1925, Breuer revolutionized the world of design by using steel tubing to design the B3 armchair, also called Wassily in homage to Kandisky. Its technical prowess and functional approach made it a legendary armchair. Although extremely modern, it wasn't until the 1960s that it achieved commercial success. Biography Marcel Breuer was born in Hungary in 1902. He briefly studied sculpture at the Academy of Vienna, but became disillusioned and interrupted his training. He went to Weimar and discovered the Bauhaus, where he studied and later taught. Despite his young age, his talent left a deep impression on the school. In the 1920s, he discovered tubular steel, a major characteristic of his designs. In 1937, he moved to the United States and began a career as an architect while creating designer furniture. Once again, his avant-garde approach brought him real success. Aluminum, steel, laminated wood, concrete... Breuer loved to experiment with materials and revolutionize design and architecture. He is one of the leading figures in design, thanks to his timeless, legendary works.

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