Guillerme & Chambron

The pieces of furniture designed by Guillerme are easily recognizable thanks to the materials used: pickled oak, lightly colored thanks to wood technical and dark hue thanks to iron oxide. The Votre Maison company founded by the two men left his mark on French design history. Biography After studying at the famous Boulle school, Robert Guillerme graduated first in his class in 1934. Very talented for furniture design and architecture, he joined the Rogie workshops. Jacques Chambron is graduated of the school of Applied Arts of Reims. He worked as a decorative painter in his own workshop. Chambron decided to move to Lille in 1948. Guillerme met Chambron after the war. Then, they met Emile Darioscq, owner of a workshop cabinetry. One year later, they founded the Votre Maison company. Guillerme worked as a designer, Chambron as a commercial and the Dariosecq workshops manufactured the pieces of furniture. They quickly met with great success and produced a variety of furniture. Jacques’ son had the estate of the enterprise.

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