1922 - 2006

Roger Capron

Passionate by ceramic, he used this technical by different ways. He modernized traditional curves of Provencal potteries, he developed production in series and he focused on decorative tiles then sculpture. Throughout his life, he improved his art to create new styles. Biography Roger Capron was born in France in 1922. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Paris until 1943. He developed an interest for ceramic and decided to open his own workshop in Vallauris with Robert Picault then Jean Derval. He is one of the artists who permitted the comeback of ceramic success in Vallauris. Then, he opened in 1952 a factory composed by 15 workers. He is renowned to combine savoir-faire and production in series. He won many prizes in Milan, Cannes and Brussels. He also won in 1970 the International Grand Prize of ceramic. His factory closed in 1982 because of the crisis. Capron decided to focus his work on sculpture in Raku and founded his own workshop in Vallauris. His creations have been exhibited in several galleries all around the world.

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