Oluce is the oldest Italian design company operating in the lighting world, created in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni. Over the years, Oluce has succeeded in building a collection structured like a tale, rich and multifaceted, inhabited by products that transcend fashion to become Italian design icons.

In the 1950s, major successes appeared thanks to Tito Agnoli with nominations at the second edition of the Compasso d’Oro awards, in 1955. In addition to Agnoli, Ostuni also worked in collaboration with Forti, Arnaboldi, Monti and Minale. End 1950s, Oluce took a more pronounced revolutionary direction with the help of Joe Colombo. In the 1960s, Marco Zanuso help Oluce to create lots of success stories. The 1970s saw the beginning of a new and highly important era for Oluce, which coincided with the transfer of ownership from Giuseppe Ostuni to the Verderi family, and was marked by the influential figure of one of the great Italian design masters: Vico Magistretti. For many years, Magistretti would be the company’s art director and leading designer, leaving his unmistakable mark on the same as well as a legacy of worldwide recognition. At the beginning of the ’90s, the rigor of the Swiss Hannes Wettstein co-existed in tandem with the ironic provocations of Riccardo Dalisi, to broaden what was an expressive and sophisticated catalogue. The contemporary nature of Oluce brings together the past, present and future, tying them together to form an evocative and designed collection, where geometry of forms is completed with unusual materials and precious finishes.

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