Vintage Art Deco chandelier in silvered bronze and pressed-molded glass for Primaflore, France 1930


About this vintage design furniture

Maurice Model / Verdun / Primaflore: Art Deco chandelier in silvered bronze and cast-pressed glass. The chandelier offered here for sale was made in the 1930s, and features a silvered cast bronze frame with a floral theme. Five square-section branches with three sconces featuring floral decorations. A cover suspended from a chain terminates in a bronze pavilion that repeats the plant motifs of the sconces. The glassware, signed "Primaflore France", is composed of a central bowl and three tulips in molded-pressed, satin-finished white glass. The "Primaflore" signature is produced by Maurice Model at his Cristallerie de Verdun. This flowering glassware model was a favorite theme of Maurice Model's, which he reproduced in a variety of models throughout his production. It is thought that the "Primaflore" signature was intended for a special order for the Printemps department stores in Paris, and not a production line intended for wider marketing to various lighting manufacturers. In fact, this model is the only one available under this signature, and is often available in both baskets and tulips. The four light points are bayonet lampholders with B22 bases. Cristallerie de Verdun, located at 10 rue Dame-Zabée in Verdun, was founded by Maurice Jules MODEL (Paris, 1900 - 1973) in 1928. Model began business in 1923 with the Model et Lange company at 64 boulevard de Ménilmontant, a workshop for flowers and luminous shells. From 1925, his company became Établissements Maurice Model, and the new premises were located at 18 rue des Fêtes, until the company ceased trading during the Second World War. At the Verdun factory, Model produced art glassware, in particular lighting glassware. He also oriented these creations towards glass displays and showcases, for which he was responsible for their transformation. He also created luxury bottles for the perfumes of the great French couturiers. At the same time, Maurice Model set up a lighting company whose facilities were made available to the military air force in 1939. Most of Model's creations were destined for export, but not all. The Cristalleries de Verdun were severely damaged during the bombardment of June 15, 1940, and subsequently closed for good. Lighting glassware, often signed "M. Model Verdun", "Verdun", "Verdun France", is a remarkable example of lighting glassware produced between the two world wars, as it has a fine-grained frosted finish that gives the glass a satin appearance. The same pieces are often found signed or unsigned, and sometimes even the same model with the signature of another lighting manufacturer. Reference : 312386

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