Vintage suitcase typewriter by Willy Scheidegger for Keller and Knappich, Germany 1960


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A lovely two-tone Willy Scheidegger Princess typewriter in dark gray and beige - Matic with cream keys, space and carriage knobs and a red Tab key. Made by Keller and Knappich in West Germany in the 1960s for the Swiss Typing School. Willy Scheldegger. When you signed up for a typing course, you were required to purchase one of these machines. It has the Scheidegger logo on the front left and manufacturer details on the back. This one has a standard "elite" size font giving 11 letters per inch. This model has an enamel-coated metal casing that is in overall good condition, but has minor traces and signs of wear in some places. Several of the colored top key covers also show signs of wear, and the ribbon underneath also has remnants of what was originally worn lining. The typewriter measures 30 cm by 30 cm by 8 cm in height, making it a very compact portable typewriter. It has a sleek tan vinyl case that has a few minor marks and signs of wear. Both the closure and handle work well. It is located on the baseboard and must be held on the baseboard for it to function properly. This is a nice two-color Willy Scheidegger Princess-matic typewriter from the 1960s, in good working condition. Dimensions: Without a suitcase height 9 cm | width 32 cm | depth 33 cm In the suitcase: height 10 cm | width 34 cm | depth 34 cm Reference : 310395

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