Vintage model 50 Erika suitcase typewriter by Veb Robotron Berlin, Germany 1976


About this vintage design furniture

Erika Robotron model 50 suitcase typewriter manufactured by the East German company Robotron Import-Export Volkseigener Aussenhandelsbetrieb der DDR Berlin. This type 4702808 was made in 1976. The Erika company was the basis and inspiration for the production of many other machines such as Optima, Prasident, Aztecs, CBM, Robotron etc. Machines from the 50/60 series, which are the fifth and sixth generation of Erika machines, are the undisputed model of the typewriter and are considered the canon of industrial design. The Erika company is one of the most important companies involved in the production of marking machines in history, and the machines of the 30/40 series can be found as exhibits in many art museums around the world. The copy is preserved in very good condition, with slight traces of use, the defect is infiltration on the lining of the suitcase - defects visible in the photos. The machine is operational, it only requires replacing the tape, which has already dried due to its age. Dimensions in the suitcase: height 15 cm | thickness 37 cm | width 37 cm Without suitcase: height 13 cm | thickness 34 cm | width 34 cm Dimensions in inches: in suitcase: height 5.9 in | thickness 14.6 in | width 14.6 in Without suitcase: height 5.1 in | thickness 13.4 in | width 13.4 in The first practical typewriter was constructed by the American Christopher Latham Sholes in 1867. One of the first authors to write their works on typewriters were Mark Twain (this is how he wrote the novel "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"), Leo Tolstoy and Bolesław Prus. Typewriters, once so common, have now been replaced by computers and printers. The last typewriter factory was in India. It was closed in 2011. Today, typewriters are unique collector's items that can be an interesting element of interior design. Reference : 263033

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